What is wordpress and why it is so popular


Most of the people are familiar with wordpress but some are still unknown to this famous and most used CMS. This article is for those who do not know much about wordpress or want to know more about it. Wordpress is a powerful (CMS) content management system used for creating websites or blogs. It is free and open source software. It was created by Matt Mullenweg and Dave Chesson in 2005. Many people and many large websites use wordpress because of its popularity.

Following are some of the features of wordpress

Saves the time

With the creation of Wordpress ,it becomes simple and easy for developers to develop a website without code. Many small and big companies use this CMS because of its user friendliness and website designs. The web designs which used to take a huge time to create in coding are now created in no time with the help of wordpress. Thus we can say that it surely helps in saving the developer's time.

Easy to use

While a person should have a knowledge about coding and programming to code a website from scratch but a person without an advanced knowledge about coding can not only use wordpress but can also create an attractive website.


Many CMS like joomla, drupal etc, are the competitors of wordpress but we all know that the market share of wordpress is higher than any other content management system and it is dominating the market.

Other features

Wordpress is a fully secure CMS and also provides other useful features like SEO which is useful for a website. If you want to know why it is important then you can read the blog why seo is important for your business website.