Email Marketing

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Email marketing is the best method to keep your audience connected to you. Emails have the higher rate of engagements than other marketing methods. IF your business's emails are perfectly desgined and have the catchy headlines, you will get the higher rate of traffic to your website and the customer rate will also increase.Our content writers have expertise in making professional emails for businesses and throw immensef traffic to the site.

Techilla Technology is always ready to help you for making your business recognized by the buyers not just local but global. We are just one call away.

Email marketing in digital marketing

The reason why Email marketing is used by many big companies is because an email received by a subscriber is the reminder to open the website and view the services offered.


The Newsletter emails are the emails which are sent to subscribers on regular basis which can be monthly or weekly. The main reason for sending a newsletter is to keep the audience updated about your company's products or services.


Promotional emails are also used for lead generation. In this the companies inform the subscribers about discounts or new offers to increase the sale.

Survey Emails

The survey emails are nothing but forums in which the user has to fill the data or answers the questions. This is mainly used by big companies for get the user's interest and feedback.

Why email marketing is better than other marketing techniques.

Higher open rate

People like to recieve the emails and that is why emails has the higher opened rate if compared to sms marketing.

Pocket Friendly

While other digital marketing methods are expensive and need a lots of money, The email marketing seems very pocket friendly and does not need high amount of money also you do not need to use ads but you need a list of interested subscribers.

Boost the sales

Every business stand for sales.Tthe proper use of email marketing will surely increase your business sales as the more visitors you get on website the more sales you get.