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No doubt that Every business needs a website these days for the growth and to take the lead over their competetor. No matter if your business is big or small but you should have a place on internet and a great design to show your services to your buyers. In other words we can that a website is just like a your visual store for representing your products. For this you will surely want a website development company in ludhiana.

In Techilla Technology, our front-end developers who are experts in Website designing design the perfect layout for your website according to your needs and send for Website development where our back end developers code the data.

Why you need a website

No matter if you are a business owner artist or even a shop owner, you still need a perfect website.

Increase visitors reach

Your website will not be available to your visitors on working hours only like your store.Rether it will open for visitors 24/7. This will increase the reach of visitor.

Increase leads

As mentioned previous, the website will create more online visitors. And you know the more visitors come to your store either it is visual of physical the more leads you will get.

Create a brand

The brand is a company or a product which is known by many peolpe inside the region. The website plays a major role in brand creation. For creating a brand you have to make a repo for your business.With a great website and Website design your business will look more professional and will make a good repo for your business and thus it will help you to make a brand.

The Technologies we use as a web development company in ludhiana:


Many big companies like a website made from scratch or without any CMS. Because these companies want regular changes and updation in their websites and websites made from Scratch are more flexible to change. So Techilla technology works in the field of scratch or core.


Everyone knows that wordpress is highly advanced and most used cms in website development and designing. It is also very user friendly. Our developers are expert in Wordpress development and known to its every plugins.


Jumla is also a cms like wordpress. It is not as much used as wordpress but many big companies use it because of its features and fast speed. Its layout is very impressive and working on it very interesting. The best part is that it is spreading very fast and is in with competetion of wordpress.